Introduction to OrganisationHealth

OrganisationHealth Psychologists is one of the UK’s most effective services in building and sustaining:

  • Resilience in organisations,
  • Resilience in business,
  • Resilience in the workforce and
  • Resilience in individuals.

Led by Psychologist Derek Mowbray, OrganisationHealth has a reputation for excellence in the delivery of workshops, seminars, consultancy and coaching.

Resilience is the capacity to tolerate excessive demands and stresses without experiencing any stress related problems or threats to performance.

Client services - What we can do for you

  • Consultancy – to help at the Corporate level with building and sustaining resilience against risks and threats to corporate performance.
  • Workshops, seminars and learning set training – to help the workforce and individuals build and sustain their resilience against risks to workforce performance and threats to individual wellbeing and performance.
  • Cognitive coaching – to help individuals build and sustain resilience to threats to their wellbeing and performance.

These services are provided by psychologists, trainers and coaches with experience in management.

Call us on 01242 241882 or email us to discover how our resilience training programmes can help your managers and workforce develop resilience against stress and other adverse events at work and at home.